'Up in the Air' at the Hedberg, nipaluna/Hobart
'Up in the Air' at the Hedberg, nipaluna/Hobart
'Up in the Air' is a site-specific video projection installation, recalling an ephemeral moment captured at the periphery of the Hedberg, discarded by time and reemerged into the present. Descending from the mezzanine to the lower level, the white sanitising towelette played with the vertical layered space as the recollection shifted with the flux of time. Momentarily held aloft after being displaced, the image mingled floating with sounds performed by the passing days and nights.
The towelette gently anchored to the uncertain era, being both a remover and reminder. It held its presence in absence as a historical marker falling among historical monuments, transforming the performance site and making space for the future to drift toward.

Adam Hsieh (concept development/director/production)
Richard Langley (concept development/director)
Digital video, single-channel, colour, with stereo sound
2 minutes & 4 seconds
Work as/in Progress (2021). University of Tasmania at the Hedberg, nipaluna/Hobart, Australia. 30 Sep 2021
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