The single-channel video installation 'Yours, the World's', grafting moving images on 35mm film into digital footage shot with webcam, investigates the subtle interaction between the private and public sphere, watching and watched, further questions the ownership of sexuality in the commercialised erotic culture.
The colour analogue video clip stages a discomforting observation over an inflatable sex doll, a symbol of sexual objectification, with black-and-white webcam recordings of various viewers and the sound of manufacturing machines in the background. From different spaces, they found themselves within the same frame, delicately delimited by concentric rectangles.
The performer internalises the viewers' perspective of her body as her primary one, which also spontaneously reinforces the latter's understanding of sex and gender roles. But who introduced these concepts and constructed our desires in the first place?

Adam Hsieh (director/production/performer)
Pablo Molina Petrovich (performer)
Channing Bickford (performer)
Jim Nagae (performer)
Mao Qingqing (performer)
Digital video, 1080p, colour, with stereo sound
2 minutes & 5 seconds
Athens Digital Arts Festival (2021). Athens, Greece. 20 Sep - 31 Oct 2021.
Patchlab Festival (2020). Kraków, Poland. 23 - 25 Oct 2020.
Ars Electronica .ART Gallery, Ars Electronica Festival (2020). Linz, Austria. 9 - 23 Sep 2020.
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