'a possible island' at UTAS Grad Show 2022
'a possible island' at UTAS Grad Show 2022
'a possible island' conceptual rendering
'a possible island' conceptual rendering
'a possible island' is an immersive and interactive installation mediating the dynamic relations between the island of lutruwita/Tasmania and its inhabitants. The multi-sensory experience challenges the long-standing assumption of the island as a spatially bounded reality and illustrates the island characteristics' complexity and instability within a relational network. The reciprocal interplay between spectators and the responsive fluid environment fosters an affective dimension to the enclosed space, examining how an island is constructed by islanders' practices physically and conceptually.
The body of work comprises a complex system of computer-generated motion graphics, randomised ambient sounds and human-computer interfaces. Between two opposite screens floating in the dark, thousands of particles gently glide from one to the other, suggesting a flow running through the space. When entering an invisible 'island', the spectators affect the tiny objects' activities and create a new cosmic dance through bodily movements. The line between the island, its inhabitants and its surroundings becomes indistinct and ambiguous, which can only be mapped and revealed through a collective performance. The nature of generative and interactive art facilitates forming multi-layered island phenomena with unlimited possibilities, proposing alternative approaches to interpreting the island beyond its material condition.

Adam Hsieh (concept development/art direction/production)
Projectors, speakers, motion sensors, computers with custom software
Grad Show (2022). Centre for the Arts, University of Tasmania, nipaluna/Hobart, Australia. 4 - 12 Nov 2022.
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