Amidst the encroachment of surveillance capitalism, we find ourselves in a constant state of exposure, unable to evade the gaze of the digital void or to resist the seduction of digital prostheses. Acknowledging our roles as both observers and the observed, we consciously examine, regulate, and enhance our bodies for display. Increasingly entangled in the web of the internet spectacle, we are driven by an insatiable pursuit of pleasure and willingly contribute to an inexhaustible resource stream that sustains the global data economy.
Much like erotica exploits the delicate interplay between selfness and otherness, our human bodies and the digital space co-exist in a perpetual state of tension. They improvise an ongoing dance of desire, eliciting responses from the other through provocation and flirtation. Tethered to our touch screens, the border between reality and simulation becomes elusive and indistinct. It prompts several critical questions: How does this form of stimulus control recast our digital selves into productive forces? How can we reassert our autonomy and agency in the digital wonderland with its manifold temptations?
In his solo exhibition titled electronic erotica, Adam Hsieh navigates the ambiguous intermediate space between physical and virtual domains through creative experiments spanning video, still image, performance, game, human-computer interaction, and generative AI. With his affective and playful approaches, Hsieh appropriates digital tools to place our bodies within an enigmatic multi-layered network, where we can fantasise about our complex and obscure relationships with the geographical, political, social, and cultural realities that form the backdrop of our existence.
Good Grief Studios
62 Argyle St, nipaluna/Hobart TAS
17 November - 5 December 2023
Friday 17 November 2023, 5:30 - 8:30pm
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