'Woman on Wire' is a site-responsive projection mapping project emerging from my observation of a cracked wall in the studio. The work features a woman in black with a pole in her hands tightrope walking delicately on a linear crack. Her body movement makes an abstract long black mark slowly drifting down to the wall base, which creates a vertical scroll of animated ink wash painting along with the re-edited prelude from Richard Wagner's opera 'Tristan und Isolde'.
Through exploring my surroundings led by ephemeral art practice, I placed ourselves within the physical setting and unpacked the underlying interaction and conflict in the spatial and temporal context. When noticing the crack on the wall, I began to imagine the experience of walking on that thin line, the danger and uncertainty inherent in it. The tightrope walking became a metaphor for balancing the self-images to satisfy others' expectations and gradually losing our subjectivity.

Adam Hsieh (concept development/director/production)
Mercedes Brown (concept development/performer)
Digital video, single-channel, colour, with stereo sound
4 minutes & 56 seconds
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