Adam Hsieh
'Random Forests'
'Random Forests' is an immersive audiovisual experience examining the networked relations between lutriwita/Tasmania and the Australian continent. Being generated and rendered in real-time with computer programming, hundreds of particles flow from one screen to the opposite, suggesting the undercurrent in the in-between space. They emerge from the black void, dance with the wind, intertwine with their traces, and gradually disappear in the light. The movement seems random but sophisticatedly controlled by the algorithm. Utilising the power of computational creativity, I seek to navigate the ecological tension across Bass Strait, guided by the invisible carbon circle. Excessive greenhouse gases move from Victoria to lutriwita and spontaneously form the forests and vegetation here every moment. The project visualises movement and conversion between these two connected yet contested spaces and invites the spectators to position themselves in the past, present and future of the land we live on.

The current sound is a stock field recording clip as a temporary placeholder, in which the spectators may sense a tiny gap when the loop happens. Next semester, I will work on a computer-generated soundtrack to ensure a seamless experience and further move away from a representation of the physical world.

If technical issues occur, please kindly give me a call asap. Thank you!